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"Where imagination starts and creativity never ends"

Art Tampa Bay has step by step art instruction that will guide you to creating a one of a kind piece of art in relaxing and fun environment. We provide the tools, materials and everything needed, including step by step instruction, for you to create a unique piece of art, charming gift or custom home décor.



Art Tampa Bays resin art classes include resin geode art, Resin Beach art, and resin Jewelry making. By appointment only

Art Tampa Bay Resin Beach Art


Art Tampa Bays painting classes include Acrylic Paint Pouring, Pre-drawn canvasses, Paint and sip painting.


From wreath making to alcohol

ink coasters, we have the craft 

for you. Every month we have a

beginners crafting workshop. 

We have the material for you to 

create home décor or gifts. By 


Art Tampa Bays fun art classes are perfect for all skill levels and all ages. Everyone will enjoy the experience our workshops offer and will leave with a project they are proud of. This unique hands-on experience offers something for every skill level and we will be there to help every step of the way.

Splatter Paint

Come and fling paint around and create unexpected masterpieces. Perfection is not the key here; rather, messy creativity is celebrated.

Art Tampa Bay Splatter Paint Rooms

Team building

Get your team involved with something fun and artsy! Select a project and reserve your team building event here. 

Art Tampa Bay Team Building

Private parties

Yes!, we do private parties that can come to you! Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, family events. Reach out to reserve your event. 

Art Tampa Bay private parties


Laura Scott

We had a great time celebrating a birthday! The staff (Elizabeth) was helpful and very pleasant. The facility was clean and accommodating. I would highly recommend Art Tampa Bay Splatter Paint for all ages!

Heather Rose

Local Guide·189 reviews·156 photos

Omg, what a blast!! I took my niece, sister, friends, and their kids. I honestly don't know who had more fun, lol. I've already told several other friends and they're planning a trip and I will definitely be going again😃. To top it off, the owner is SO nice!! She made sure we were having fun, even down to the music selection we wanted. She even went above and beyond, taking pictures and videos of all of us, so we could just enjoy and live in the moment. Thank you , thank you, thank you

Domonique Hassell


Me and my party had an absolute blast! The owner was so sweet and helped us through the whole process for splatter painting. A warm and welcoming atmosphere to do arts and crafts, what more could you ask for?

Art Tampa Bays the premiere spot for art classes, painting classes, resin classes. Contact Us for more information

Our Services
Splatter Paint Sign Up 

We have hosted many events.
Ask us about hosting your organization 

Adult and children with disabilities enjoy splatter painting! Our splatter paint rooms are wheelchair accessible. We will adjust anything for your ability. We can adjust painting brushes for people with hand issues. 

If you have an organization contact us for special pricing and scheduling. 

Birthday Parties!

Birthday parties are fun at Art Tampa Bays Splatter Paint rooms! 

Bring your party to our studio at no extra charge!

You may bring food, drinks, and decorations and enjoy

1-3hrs. in our Splatter Paint rooms. 

Birthday Parties and Team Building

5+ splatter painters = $25 each

10+ splatter painters = $20 each

50+ splatter painters = $15 each

Bachelorette Paint Dart Party!

We have the most awesome Bachelorette Party Planed!

Bring your girls for a 2 hour Splatter Fun time!


Like the Princess Diaries you will get 4 24”x36” canvas and one 36”x48” canvas for the Bride. 1 free bottle of wine, and you may bring your own food and drinks.  We will fill balloons with paint and attach to canvas. You will put on protective gear and given darts to throw and pop balloons!...How Fun! You and your bridesmaids will have a blast. 

Package: $850 

*This includes canvas, poncho, googles if you need, booties, darts, and 1 free bottle of wine of choice (21 and above). 

Contact Us to arrange: 727-315-0440

Resin Ornament Kit.jpg

"Create Beautiful Resin Ornaments with Our DIY Kit"

Our resin ornament kit is a craft kit that provides all the necessary materials and instructions for individuals to create their own personalized and decorative resin ornaments. These kits are popular during the holiday season but can be used year-round for various occasions.


Each kit includes 4 ornaments, mica powder, containers, gloves, popsicle sticks, cups and instruction.



$40 for 2 ornaments

$50 for 4 ornaments 

$60 for 6 ornaments.

shipping anywhere in the United States. 

*Or you can pick up a kit at our location at no extra cost. 

2 ornaments
4 ornaments
6 ornaments

Resin Beach Kit 

Escape to the beach and unleash your creativity with our Resin Beach Art Kit. This kit is designed for those who want to create stunning ocean-inspired artwork that captures the beauty and tranquility of the beach.


What's Included:

  1. Epoxy Resin: High-quality, crystal-clear epoxy resin, perfect for replicating the glossy and water-like effects of the ocean.

  2. Hardener: The necessary component that, when mixed with resin, initiates the curing process, ensuring the durability and longevity of your artwork.

  3. Beach Sand: Fine, clean sand that can be mixed with resin to create realistic beach textures in your art.

  4. Pigments and Dyes: A variety of color pigments and dyes, allowing you to create a range of blue, turquoise, and beach-related colors for your artwork.

  5. Mixing Tools: Stirring sticks, measuring cups, and mixing containers to assist you in achieving the perfect resin-to-hardener ratio and thorough mixing.

  6. User-Friendly Instructions: Step-by-step guidance and tips to help you bring your beach-inspired vision to life.

🌊 Why Choose Our Resin Beach Art Kit:

  • Relaxing Creativity: Experience the calming and meditative process of creating your own beach scenes in the comfort of your own space.

  • Customizable: Personalize your beach art with your unique color schemes and arrangements.

  • Nautical Decor: Display your finished beach art in your home, bringing a touch of the coast to any room.


With our Resin Beach Art Kit, you can capture the serenity and beauty of the beach in your own artwork. Purchase our kit today and dive into the world of beach-inspired creativity.

4x7" frame $30

8x10 prepared frame $55

Plus $10 shipping and handling

4x7 frame
8x10 frame
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Resin Ornament workshop.jpg
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112523 11am.jpg
Veterans Art Day (3).jpg

Veteran Art Day 12/8/23  11am

Join us for a fun and creative day at our Veteran Art Day Watercolor workshop! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this in-person event is the perfect opportunity to explore the world of watercolor painting. Located at 1474 S Belcher Rd, this workshop will provide a relaxed and friendly environment for veterans to express their artistic talents. Our skilled instructors will guide you through various techniques and help you create beautiful watercolor artworks. Don't miss out on this chance to connect with fellow veterans and unleash your creativity! Reserve your spot now!

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Give the gift of art!
Click on the image to purchase a gift card. 

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