Art is fun! for seniors and special needs.

Making art can be an enjoyable experience that focuses the participant away from daily concerns and on the creative process. Some seniors, particularly those with cognitive, memory, and other impairments, may receive additional benefits.”

On this page you will find our special program for seniors and special needs customers. You may pick from any project on this list.


These art projects are designed to

  • Promoting self awareness

  • Relieving stress, anxiety and confusion through a sense of empowerment

  • Improving motor skills

  • Improving cognitive skills

  • Helping to cope with transitions

  • Facilitating communication

Acrylic Paint Pouring 

In this messy, experimental class, we’ll explore the fun and very addicting technique of “dirty pours” and “flip cup” acrylic pours.  The results look like marble or even planets, when poured onto circular supports.  Learn how to create “cells” within your pours.

This class includes a ton of paints, pouring mediums and several supports (canvases, etc.), so you will definitely get your money’s worth.  You will finish the session with at least 3 finished pieces.

*All material is provided

Alcohol Ink Coasters

Students create a set of two ceramic coasters using sharpie pens and 97% ispropyl alcohol. The student uses a pipette to drop isopropyl alcohol on colored coasters.  Special instruction and all material is provided. 

Stained Glass Art $35

In this fun class each student is handed an outline frame to color in with paint. In the end, they will have a faux stained glass piece of art to display.  Special brushes are provided to seniors that may have trouble gripping paint brushes. This class needs a steady hand and ability to follow direction.  *All material is provided

Stencil Art  $45

Students create art using stencils and acrylic paint. Each student gets to choose a stencil and colors are added to a sponge and used to color in a stencil. At the end each student will have a wonderful encouraging quote stencil art to proudly display. *All material is provided

Acrylic Painting  $45

Each student is handed out a pre-drawn  11" x 15" canvas board to paint. Painting instructions are provided in a follow me painting session. Special brushes are provided to seniors that may have trouble gripping the large paint brush. *All material is provided

Beginners Paint

Advance Class