Beginners acrylic pouring

Introduction To Fluid Art 

Are you captivated by acrylic pouring? Then you’ll soon be looking to give it a try for yourself.


To get painting success from the start, contact me for instructions. 


I teach a fun 2-hour class at your location, where I will cover 2 different techniques of paint pouring. Discover The Secrets & Techniques to Create Stunning Fluid Acrylic Paintings. 


In this messy, experimental class, we’ll explore the fun and very addicting technique of “dirty pours” and “flip cup” acrylic pours.  The results look like marble or even planets when poured onto circular supports.  Learn how to create “cells” within your pours.


This class includes a ton of paints, pouring mediums and several supports (canvases, etc.), so you will definitely get your money’s worth.  You will finish the session with at least 2 finished pieces. 


Calendar of Events

Acrylic Paint Pouring

Dunedin Fine Arts Center

1143 Michigan Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698


4/23/22 @ 12 pm
Sat   [12:00 pm - 2:00 pm]
Instructor: Cadena, Elizabeth

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Saturday  [12:00 pm - 2:00 pm]

Instructor: Cadena, Elizabeth



Sat   [12:00 pm - 2:00 pm]

Instructor: Cadena, Elizabeth

Dunedin Fine Arts Center

1143 Michigan Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698

Resin Beach Art

In this fun and relaxing workshop we will be creating beautiful beach art with an assortment of shells, colored beach glass, glitter, and more on an 8" x 10" white frame. We finish it off with resin to complete a beautiful beach scene. I encourage you to bring your own sea shells that you have and any other mementos that you would like to encase in art resin.

For insurance purpose students will not be handling the resin. We will have helpers that will apply the resin to your frame. Due to the materials used in this class, resin will handled outside. The $55 material fee covers all supplies.

If you would like to bring your own frame you must contact us 1 week so we can give you frame preparation details. Otherwise you will use 8 x 10 frame provided. Each additional Oz of resin is $10 extra. 

Resin Beach Art Workshop.jpg
Puff Puff Paint.jpg
Resin Beach Art.jpg
Dented Keg Event.jpg
Create this beautiful piece of art. All materials are included in this workshop. (1).jpg
Resin Beach Art Workshop (3).jpg
Beach House.jpg

Hire me

for your own

personal art party

Adult Paint and Sip parties (at your desired location):
Regular price $40 per student. (min 4 students)
2 - 6 x 6 pieces of art created (all material incl.)
1 - 6 x6 tile

Children Parties:
$45 and must be accompanied by adult.                                                       
(min 4 students 7y.o and up)   
2 - 6 x 6 pieces of art created (all material incl.)

Team building events and corporate events please contact for quote.
(min 10 students)

***We do the setup and clean up so you can just relax and enjoy!***

Thanks! We will contact you soon!