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Acrylic Paint Pouring


In this messy, experimental class, we’ll explore the fun and very addicting technique of “dirty pours” and “flip cup” acrylic pours. The results look like marble or even planets, when poured onto circular supports. Learn how to create “cells” within your pours.

Are you ready for messy fun for kids and adults!? Fling Paint at your canvass our walls, or even your group members! You will get assortments of paint and you will throw it at a canvas and make your own Jackson-Pollock-inspired masterpiece! All ages welcome. You will be provided protective gear.

Splatter Paint

Canvass Painting


Choose from our personalized canvasses or freestyle. You will find all the material you need to create a one of a kind piece of art. Give us a picture and we will convert it into a 2 dimensional line drawing which we place on a pre drawn canvass. You'll have fun creating a one of a kind family heirloom. Everything you need will be provided.. 

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